Reflector making workshop (Session I)

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Winter is coming! During the dark long winter, it is important to have reflectors with you to make yourself visible in the dark and protect from the possible accidents. Let’s make personalized reflector before it gets dark.

Fab Lab Oulu is offering Reflector Making Workshop for schools. In this workshop, students design and make their own reflectors using vinyl cutter.

The workshop consists of the two steps

  1. Online session for teachers (about 2 hours)

Teachers are invited to the online workshop where Fab Lab instructor will explain the process of designing and making the reflectors. The contents will be:

    1. How to choose suitable design
    2. How to design on computer
    3. How to use the vinyl cutter and laser cutter
    4. What support students will need


Thursday 1.10 15:00-17:00

Friday 2.10 15:00-17:00

*Same contents

  1. Teachers run the activity with students (2-3 hours)

    1. Option 1
      Fab Lab instructors visit school with the vinyl cutter and the laser cutter. Teachers and instructors will implement the reflector making activity together.
    2. Option 2
      Teachers book the vinyl cutter and the laser cutter. Teachers implement the reflector making activity with students at schools. Fab Lab Oulu instructors are online for additional help if needed.


Depending on the school’s schedule. Contact Fab Lab and book the machines!

What is needed?

Tools and materials



Reflective heat transfer film

0.5mX0.5m for one class (25 students)

Can be provided by Fab Lab Oulu

Felt (to put the reflective sticker on)

0.5mX0.5m for one class (25 students)

Can be provided by Fab Lab Oulu.

If you want to use different colors, you can use the ones at school.

Vinyl cutter


Can be borrowed by Fab Lab Oulu

Laser cutter


Can be borrowed by Fab Lab Oulu. *Instructor needs to be present.

Steam iron (to attach sticker on the felt)


Prepared at school

Overview of the processes

  1. Designing

Draw in Inkscape

  • Option: Find image online and edit in Inkscape
  • Option: Hand draw and edit in Inkscape
  1. Cutting

Cut the felt base with the laser cutter or scissors.

  • Option: Draw in Inkscape. Print out and cut with scissors.
  • Option: Teachers (or small group) visit Fab Lab for laser cutting
  • Option: Fab Lab provide ready-made simple shape (e.g. circle, square, heart etc.)

Cut the reflective heat transfer sheet with the vinyl cutter.

  1. Ironing

  1. Social media

After making reflectors, please add photos on social media with

#personalizedreflector #fablaboulu



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