Designing and Making own jewelries workshop!


More than 20 jewelry lovers participated in Jewelry Maker Workshop in Fab Lab Oulu in the evening on Thursday 8.11.2018. Fab Lab went full of people who were enthusiastic to design and make own jewelries. Most of the participants were beginners who did not have any prior experience in using digital tools for designing and making. Workshop was organzed by two Fabacademy graduated: Behnaz Norouzi and Megumi Iwata. Ari Vuokila, Kati Pitkänen and Jari Uusitalo (all of them Fabacademy graduated) collaborated assisting participants.

What did the participants do?

The participants first designed their jewelries or modified the ready designs on their computers, and then cut the design with laser cutters in Fab Lab. They could choose among MDF (industrial wood) or colourful acrylic as materials. Some of them followed written instructions of example jewelries designed by the organisers and added modifications to personalise, while others designed all by themselves. Five makers (Megumi Iwate, Behnaz Norouzi, Kati Pitkänen, Ari Vuokila and Jari Uusitalo) who graduated Fab Academy from Fab Lab Oulu helped the participants to make their ideas come true.

Participant’s experience

One of the participants who loves music designed a brooch with a music note. She started with drawing a sketch on her notebook. After visualising her favorite image, she drew the sketch using a graphic software on her laptop and cut her original design with laser cutter. She commented as:

“I wanted to create something personal that talks about me and actually I didn't use so much time to design and it was mainly what impulsively happened by doing. I'm really interested and looking forward to the next workshop!”


Joy of making

Happy faces with their own-made jewelries revealed that Making by themselves brought them lots of joy and satisfaction. Even though designing on the computer might be challenging for some of the participants who did not have experience before, all of them managed to design and cut with the laser cutter in the maximum of 4 hours. They understand the values of having something that is designed and fabricated by themselves with the original scent of passion.

Meet people and share your creativity

During the workshop, even though participants worked individually on their own designs, many times they helped each other. Together they figured out how to use software and shared their creative ideas. Their creativity was triggered by sharing and discussing their designs with each other. 

This workshop was a good introduction to digital fabrication and maker culture for the majority of participants. They familiarized with Fab Lab facilities and processes and understood its variety of potential. There are many things that we can make by ourselves in Fab Lab using digital tools and machines. Fab Lab Oulu is planning to organize more workshops in the future. Please stay in touch!

Some more pictures from the event: 

Last updated: 20.11.2018