Principles of Digital fabrication

Principles of Digital Fabrication (521159P) is an introductory course of digital fabrication targeted to any student in our university. Some years we have accepted also secondary and high school students. 

This course is about creating interactive physical prototypes that combine mechanical, electrical and software components. It teaches students to design mechanical parts with solid modeling tools, and to combine those parts together with sensors and actuators (mainly motors and servos) in order to create a physical gadget that interacts with the world around it.

If you are curious to learn more how you can use Fab Lab Oulu processes to satisfy your own needs, do not hesitate to take the course. 

Here you can find the list of projects students are building for Spring 2019. You can follow the progress of their different groups in real time:


Project topic


Container with Breathalyzer Controlled Lock
A catapult that launches ping-pong balls
Doomsday box
Initial D alarm clock
Suicide robot.
Automatic candle extinguishing device
Remotely controlled catapult
Movement detector
Robot Trash Can
Automatic window blinds
Digital coin safe
Converting old laptop to media PC
A smart flower pot with a soil moisture sensor and a pump for water
A billiard table zamboni
Automatic motorized controller for blinds
Bear with proximity detector
Smart PiggyBank
Alarm clock with a wire game as the shutdown mechanism
A fan that starts itself once the temperature rises high enough
Line follower robot

Last updated: 8.4.2019