School collaboration

We are supporting the development of Digital Fabrication and STEAM activities at schools in Oulu area. We offer different workshops for kids and teachers where they can learn different digital fabrication techniques. Contact us if you would like to learn more on digital fabrication or organize an activity in our premises or in your own school. 


Learn STEAM through digital fabrication!!!

Our door are fully open for local schools. Since 2015 we have hosted more than 5000 kids of all ages, several groups of teachers, and trough Buutti we have visited a big amount of our local schools with our mobile Fab Lab. 

I am a teacher, what activities are you organizing for my class?

We organize different kind of activities for a school classes. We adapt the duration and content to the children age and teacher's interest.

  • Fab Lab visits where kids can see different machines working and get a grasp of digital fabrication.
  • Workshops at Fab Lab where kids learn different digital fabrication processes such as laser cutting, 3D printing or simple electronics.
  • Longer workshops (~ 1 week) where kids can experience different digital fabrication processes by building a project. These workshops are specially suitable for MOK-viikko activities. We can organize the activities in collaboration with teachers providing support to kids during the whole week. 
  •  We are hosting students for their TET (Työelämään tutustuminen) practices. Student can get in touch directly with Fab Lab Oulu.

Can you organize an activity in the schools? Can we borrow some of the machines?

Yes, we have a mobile Fab Lab: a portable version of some of our main machines that we can take with us to your school. The mobile Fab Lab includes laser cutter, vinyl cutter, CNC machine and a small 3D printer, as well as some basic electronics equipment. We can organize a workshop in the school or help teachers to organize their own learning activities using these machines. 

In addition, we may borrow some of the machines to teachers so they can use them in their classes. If needed, we will offer online or face-to-face (when possible) support to teachers with instructions on how to use the machines. We might even assist teachers in-sight when organizing the activities. 

Do you offer any kind of training for teachers?

 Fab Lab Oulu has been offering face-to-face teacher training since 2018 through STEAM in Oulu. This year we will organize some online workshops covering basic principles of digital fabrication such as 2D design, vinyl cutting, introduction to programming with microbit, 3D printing. In addition, we will offer hybrid courses (online + face-to-face) courses during autumn 2020/spring 2021. We are opened to course content suggestion but topics might include design process model for digital fabrication, electronics fabrication,  molding and casting, furniture fabrication ....

Finally, we are participating in "STEAM:illa taitajaksi - Laatua laaja-alaiseen osaamiseen" a 5 ECTS hybrid course (online+face-to-face) organized by Topik with the collaboration of Oulun Luma Keskus and City of Oulu. This course will present basic principles of maker culture and how to integrate it in learning environments


Last updated: 15.10.2020