Oulu Science Hack Day 2018

Fab Lab Oulu organized its First Oulu Science Hack Day on 13rd and 14th January 2018. Our event emphasized "digital fabrication" and manufacturing real artifacts using Fab Lab Oulu machines. Participants were supported from a team of local and international experts. Twenty seven participants divided in 6 teams joined their efforts to complete amazing projects: Hello Strawberry, Guardian angel, Picking bottles from Ocean, University of Oulu Botanical Gardens jewelry, Remotable and ARSnowBox. Lots of pictures from the event can be found from Fab Lab Oulu Facebook page.

During two days, six groups of maker enthusiastics collaborated in Tellus Arena and Fab Lab Oulu to ideate, design and manufacture 6 amazing artifacts. 

During the whole weekend the teams had the support of Fab Lab Oulu staff and a group of 6 digital fabrication experts coming from different Fab Labs in Nordic countries. All of them presented briefly their Fab Labs to the participants. 

 On sunday evening, the jury formed by University of Oulu Rector Jouko Niinimäki, Vice Rector of Research Taina Pihlajaniemi and Fab Lab Oulu Director Jani Ylioja listened to the presentations of the different teams, provided feedback to all participants and chose the best projects. The jury agreed that that quality of the projects were really impressive, specially considering that they had only a weekend to develop their ideas. 

Lots of pictures from the event can be found from Fab Lab Oulu Facebook page.


Guardian Angel (1st position)

Mutant Koala, an Oulu filming company proposed to create some artifacts to be used in one of their futuristic sci-fi films. Finally they decided to build a robot arm from scratch (including desing, UI, electronics). In just two days the managed to build a completely working solution. 

Mutant Koala shared more pictures on their Facebook page. 

Hello Strawberry (2nd position)

Ken likes to grow strawberries at home. He intented to have a system that warn them when strawberries would need some care (watering, more light ...). "What if strawberry could speak?" was his motto during the presentation. Finally, his team ideated a social network in which people could interact with each other using the  strawberries as "excuse". This project has been really successful and won also the third prize in the startup business idea weekend. They received some funding to develop further the project. 

More info in Strawberry Moi facebook page

Botanical garden jewelry (3rd position)

This team designed and manufacture different piece of jewelry and ornamets to be utilized as small souvenir for participants in an event that took place in University of Oulu botanical garden.

Submarine to pick bottles 

The idea of this group was to create a small and cheap submarine to pick up bottles and other pieces of plastic from oceans. They managed to build a small robotic arm that would be use to pick up the bottles, and a simple image recognition system to find bottles in ocean. 

Augmented reality "SNOW" box

Augmented reality sand box are common installation in maker faires or science museums. However, could we built a similar concept using snow instead of sand? This is the challenge that the team tried to solve during the weekend. And they succeed!!


A table and a remote controller for the TV. All in one piece of furniture.



Last updated: 16.11.2018