Registration period for spring term 2020 is open Dec 1.2019 – Jan 31.2020.

Annual registration

All students enrolled in the University of Oulu, including Bachelors and Masters and postgraduate students and students taking non-degree studies, are obligated to register to the university annually, in order to be able to exercise their right to study. Open University students and Extension School students, including MBA students, do not register to the university,

Students register to the university in the beginning of the academic year for both autumn and spring term, either as present or absent student. Only those registered as present can pursue their studies. All students studying for a Bachelors or Masters degree are members of the Student Union and pay the Student Union membership fee before the registration. Students who fail to register will loose their right to study.  

Council of State’s Decree 1082/2009.


Continuing Students | Annual Registration

Registration period for continuing students for academic year 2019-20: May 2 - Sept 12, 2019.

Registration period for spring term 2020: Dec 1, 2019 – Jan 31, 2020



New Students | Study Place Confirmation and Registration

All new students admitted to the University of Oulu are required to make a study place confirmation and register to the University.

Student Affairs Forms