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Occupational accidents

More information about insurances for students concerning for instance accidents during interships.

Insurance company for accidents taking place after 1 January 2019 is OP and accidents are reported through their internal accident notification

Insurance number, employee: 40-439-985-1
Insurance number, students: 40-444-678-5

Occupational accident/occupational disease always requires

  1. Employee/student doing practical internships notifies the accident immediately when the circumstances allow it. The notification must be filled out as soon as possible after the accident takes place/ the symptoms of the occupational illness appear.
  2. Employer delivers the notification to the insurance company within 10 days from the notification of the occupational accident.
  3. Employee receives immediately confirmation message of accident notification made
  4. Compensation decision is made within 30 days of the notification has been received and employee receivers the decision with grounds.

An occupational accident is an accident that has caused the employee an injury or illness

  • at work
  • in circumstances related to work
  • in the place of work
  • running errands for the employerng
  • On the way from home to work or from work to the home

The insurance covers

  • personnel in an employment relationship with the university
  • students doing practical internships

Salary information regarding occupational accidents

  • The employee will be paid salary for 90 calendar days per each occupational accident
  • After this the employee is entitled to daily allowance for a maximum of one year
  • The so called calculated annual holiday time (from 16th June -) is not included in the 90 paid sick calendar days for employees working under the total working time system.

Safety observations -form  

With this announcement you can inform about a near accident or make the initiative to improve safety.

Last updated: 27.2.2019