Student Tutoring

Student tutoring is part of the counselling system and curriculum at the University of Oulu. All new degree and exchange students have a student tutor to help when studies start at University of Oulu. Student tutor tutoring international degree or exchange student is also called as Kummi.

Tutors are senior students from the same field of study and have been trained for tutoring. Together with their tutor a group of around ten new students get to know their own field and faculty, how things work on campus and in Oulu in general. Students new to Oulu will get their first group of friends right away and feel more like home. Student Tutor's (kummi -student's) tasks are:

- integrate a new student to the University and to the student community

- familiarize a new student with….

• pre-arrival information (arrival in Oulu, Housing)

•  the  other students

•  the  services for students

• the University as a learning environment

• the degree programme and how to study in the University of Oulu - tips for studing

• planning studies and time management

• the student life and free time activities

• the Finnish culture and habits


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You can find instructions specific to your own study programme below.

Intercultural Teacher Education:
Putkinen Laura, Lääperi Venla

Blaskovich Sarah, Kralj Dea, Roy Chowdhury Chandril

Bhavna Rawat, Pablo Santur

GS3D Andrew Russel


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Last updated: 29.8.2019