Study skills and competences

What do I want to do when I graduate? How to ace my studies? How to make sense of my personal study plan? 

On these pages we have collected practical information about study skills and competences. The contents are designed to support your studies and your path to become an expert on your field. 

Each page consists of some short videos and small assignments. The assignments are designed for university students to provoke thoughts about important themes and to help practice necessary skills.


Study skills

Studying at a university

Student life and life as a student - what do I need to know about it?


Goal setting and planning

Goal orientation and planning enables worry-free and efficient studying


Time management

Balancing studying and free-time: practical tips for better time management


Study techniques

Different learning methods serve different purposes – learn to know yourself as a learner


Student well-being

Student life consists of more than just studying – balance between studying and free-time is the key to wellbeing

Competence and expertise