Studying at a university

Student life and life as a student - what do I need to know about it?

Academic life and studying skills

These pages will introduce you to academic life and studying skills. You will get some tips and tools on how to ace your studies and tackle the upcoming challenges.

Watch the videos about studying skills and complete the assignments that are given after each video. The assingments will challenge you to think of some important aspects of studying and to find the best practices for your studying.

Assingment 1

This might be your fist time studying at a university and possibly you've done the transition straight from highschool. Or you could have a longer career behind you already and now it's your time to start something new. Whatever your backgroung, starting new studies always means changes from what was to something new.

  • Take a moment to think about what will change compared to before. Will you be needing some new studying skills? Did you move to a whole new city? What other changes you might encounter going to university?

Assignment 2

Take a moment to reflect:

  • What made you apply for this study field?
  • What do you want to achieve with this degree?
  • Where are you heading to?