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A wide range of disciplines are represented in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oulu. The Research Unit for History, Culture and Communications includes degree programmes in Archeology and Cultural AnthropologyHistoryHistory of Sciences and Ideas as well as Information Studies. In addition, the research unit offers a Master’s Degree Programme in Science Communication. Disciplines represented in the Research Unit for Languages and Literature include EnglishSwedish LanguageGerman Language and CultureFinnish Language as well as LiteratureLogopedics forms a research unit on its own. Teaching and researching Sami language and culture is a special national duty of the Faculty of Humanities and is the responsibility of the Giellagas Institute. The disciplines mentioned above can be studied as a major subject. In addition to this, the Faculty of Humanities offers studies in nearly twenty minor subjects, which can freely be included in different degrees.

Forced displacement and migration are part of Finland’s recent history


At the Faculty of Humanities, research is carried out in all represented disciplines. Research is focused on people, their activities and interactions – in different environments, at different times. 

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