Student account

Student account is your personal key to systems and services of the university. Its term of validity is tied to your right of study.

Student account and password

Student account is your licence to use the systems, workstations and services of the university. Notice that student account is personal, so do not give the password to anyone else. You are responsible of your account usage in the university network and services.

University user accounts have a multi-factor authentication (MFA) that protects your MS account from abuse. If you have not chosen and set up the verification method in your MS account security information, you will receive a notification “More information required” at the login stage and you will be directed to set your authentication method without delay. Read more on this page under Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Student account is valid as long as you are registered as a present student or cancel your studies temporarily in University of Oulu.

Rules of use bind and obligate all members of the university community, users of IT services and systems, and all units of the University.

Change your password when needed, in the university's Passwd service, the link to which is If you do not know or remember your account or password, your identity will be verified first in the Suomi-fi identification service.

Multi-factor authentication

What can you do with your user account?

The student user account entiles you to:

Campus ICT support service for students

Contact details are found on the page