Information security in University of Oulu

The objective of the University's Information Security is to create and to maintain a reliable and safe environment to the data processing of a staff, students and of another university community and partners in cooperation.

The information security policy is a statement by the management of the University of Oulu, and it defines the objectives, responsibilities and implementation of information security at the University of Oulu.

The Rules of IT Service Use bind and oblige all members of the University community, users of ICT services and systems, and all units of the University.

Links which are related to the information security:


Rules of use

The Rules of IT Service Use bind and obligate all members of the university community, users of IT services and systems, and all units of the University.


E-mail rules in brief

E-mail rules for a student.


Information security policy in brief

The foundation pillars of the information security of the University of Oulu have been presented on this page. The whole Information Security Policy can be read in the university network or in VPN connection.


Consequences of IT Service abuse

The University's IT service rules bind and obligate all users of IT services and systems. Including you.


Notification of an information security deviation

How to report an information security deviation by e-mail?


Information security guides for student

The information security guides have been meant primarily for use of university students. Security guides for the staff are found in intranet Patio.