Office 365 Education

O365 is a cloud service for the students and the staff. It contains the university's e-mail service and wide selection of tools. The form of the O365 username is different for the students and the staff.

O365 in your use

If your user account has been created on 1st August 2019 or later, the O365 service is automatically in your use and so the terms of use are obligating you:

If your user account has been created before 1st August 2019 and if the O365 service in not yet in your use, you have to activate the service yourself -> User actions

How to log in the O365 service?

You can use one or the other of these web addresses: or


  • Log in with your O365 username in form
  • At workstations within Student domain (=workstations for student use, maintained by ICT Services) the browser identifies you and logs you automatically in the O365 service


  • Log in with your O365 username in form
  • At workstations within Univ domain (=workstations for staff, maintained by ICT Services) the browser identifies you and logs you automatically in the O365 service 

Any questions, problems?

If you meet problems with logging into O365 service, check out that you type your username for the service in right form. Read more: O365 username.

O365 email addresses have ending, which are authorized to use mobile printing in the university. Read more: Mobile printing

O365 users have right to install Office 365 ProPlus software into their workstations and mobile devices too. Read more.

We have listed frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the O365 guidelines page. If you cannot find a solution there, and your problem is related to the activation process of O365 service, please contact Campus ICT service point.

In the problem situations which are related into use of the O365 service and to its functionality it is not possible for ICT Services to offer support. Backups for example of email, group work spaces or OneDrive are not available for the university. Please turn to the service provider's own support service: Microsoft Support.

According to the terms of use of the O365 service Microsoft may change the views and contents of the O365 service according to its own politics without informing beforehand.

NOTE: Information about the O365 for the staff is found in Patio (How to access Patio).

    Read more: description of the register, guidelines




    Last updated: 27.1.2021