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OpenVPN and the profile

OpenVPN is a connection application which is needed to install on your computer to access the services, e.g. remote desktops, which are in the university's network. To use this connection, you need an eduvpn profile.

The use of OpenVPN Connect requires the creation of an own personal eduvpn profile and importing it into OpenVPN client. First create the profile and then install the OpenVPN client which is in accordance with the operating system of your own computer.

1. Creation of the VPN profile

Short instructions:

  • Go to the service:​​​​​​​
  • Before the creation of the profile, your identity and your licence to use the services of the university are secured in e-Identification service.
  • You need the user account of the University of Oulu and furthermore, one of the identification practices of the e-Identification service must be in your use; a mobile certificate, online banking codes, a certificate card or an eIDAS token. More information:
  • In the VPN service, a student can have one active profile and a staff member two profiles. Remove an old profile before the creation of the new one.
  • After you have created the new profile, download the profile file into your computer's folder Downloads, for instance.
  • After that, install OpenVPN client and import your profile file into the client as told in the section 2.

Detailed instructions:

2. OpenVPN installation and importing of the profile

Short instructions:

  • If OpenVPN client is not installed in your computer yet, install it now.
  • Choose the instuctions below according the operating system of your computer, and follow it.
  • After the installation, import the profile file created and downloaded by you, into Open VPN client. Then you can open the VPN connection to the university network.
  • If you need remote desktop services, then continue with the installation of them.

Detailed instructions for different operating systems:

For students and staff:
For the staff only:

Last updated: 16.4.2020