Printing quota and price list

Basic quota is 4 € and it is paid by the University. If needed, you can buy more in the web store. Price for one page: black-and-white 0,025 €, color 0,136 €.

A printing quota is student's printing balance in euro, and it is a sum of a basic quota and an additional quota.

These terms are in use when we are talking about what you will get with your quota:

SHEET = both sides of paper

  • dual printing (default)
  • size could be A4 or A3 (default is always A4)

PAGE = one side of paper

  • printed only on one side of paper
  • size could be A4 or A3 (default is always A4)

Basic quota

The basic quota is the euro-denominated part of the student's printing quota paid by the university.

  • At the moment 4 € will be the start situation of new student accounts too.
  • At the beginning of each term 4 € will be added to the student's basic quota in case she/he has used print services during the previous term. This setting is made 1.1. and 1.8.
  • So the basic quota is not expanded if it has not at all been used during the previous term.
  • The addition of basic quota does not affect the possible additional quota which will remain unchanged when the terms change.
  • The basic quota that was not used is not paid in any situation as money to the student!
  • The students of the Open University do not have the basic quota.

Basic quota is enough for printing of :

  • 80 black-and-white sheeds, which are printed with black on both sides of paper. This is a default setting when printing from workstation.
  • 160 black-and-white pages, which are printed with black on one side of paper.
  • 14 color sheeds, which are printed with colors on both sides of paper
  • 29 color pages, which are printed with colors on one side of paper

Additional quota

In addition to the basic quota, you can buy the additional quota for yourself when needing.

Reducing of quota

  • The quota is reducing only when you release the print from the print queue, or you are copying at Canon device
  • A4- ja A3-prints have a same value
  • Default is A4, but on workstation you may choose A3 and print for example 2 pages on each side of paper
  • Default is black-and-white print, but on workstation you may choose color print too. Mobile printing is an exception to the rule: if the attachment is in colors, it will be printed in colors if you do not change the setting on Canon device before releasing the print.

Price list

Printing and copying reduce the quota as follows:

  • the black-and-white output (A4 or A3) 0,025 € / page
    (= 0,020 € + VAT 24%),
    dual printing 2 x 0,025 € / sheet
  • the color output (A4 or A3) 0,136 € / page
    (= 0,110 € + VAT 24%),
    color dual printing 2 x 0,136 €  / sheet

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Last updated: 8.4.2019