Software for private use

As a student you may load some software from the distribution service and load or buy in the Webstores.


This page contains information and installation links of those programs which the students can install in their own use and may use during their studentship according to the university licenses. Information about licenses for units and staff could be found in Patio. 

Some of the software that have been listed on this page are chargeable for the student and part of them are free of charge. Usually the licence to use the software ends when the studying ends. The programs are downloaded either from the software distribution service maintained by ICT Services or from a certain webstore. Always read first the information about the software in question.

Remote desktops

Some of the software that have been listed on this page are also available on the remote desktop servers. Read more: Remote desktops.

Software distribution service

The software distribution is a service of ICT Services from where software can be downloaded into own use according to the licence conditions of each software. In the software distribution there also are installation instructions and licencing agreements, they are worthwhile to read carefully before the installing of the software. Use university's user account to log in the Software distribution.


ICT Services sell some software to the students within the licensing agreements in the university's webstore. Furthermore, some Microsoft software could be bought or loaded without payment from the Kivuto's webstore. Check what software there are available at each moment. There are own links to the Kivuto's webstore for students and for staff. Log in both the university's webstore and the Kivuto's webstore using your user account of the university. According to the user's role in the university, range of products may vary. Link to the page of these webstores: Webstores.

Some software is bought directly in the supplier's own webstore in which you do not need to log in. In these services you can use a campaign code or an installation code which you case-specifically get from software distribution or buy in the webstore.

Software free of charge for students

  • ArcGIS: Geographic information system. Read more: Software distribution
  • Autodesk: The students and teachers can use the free software offered by Autodesk, as well as teaching material and discussion forums. The Autodesk products of manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, and media and entertainment industries are free for students and educators. Link:
  • Azure Dev Tools for Teaching: Selection of software, which commonly used in science, technology and math (STEM) programs, can be downloaded for teaching, research and students' home use. The product was earlier known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium. More information, program downloads and activation codes: Sign in with the university's O365 user name.
  • Break Pro:  Break excercise application which you can download from the address for your computer.  For your mobile device, download the application in the store. After downloading the application, enter your university's e-mail address in the activation field. You will receive the activation code to your email.  
  • E-books: E-books in Finnish for students and staff. Read more: Software distribution
  • JetBrains: Free development tools for students, install first JetBrains toolbox. Link: 
  • LabVIEW: NI Student Edition Software. Read more: Software distribution
  • Office: Students and staff may install Office applications for free. Read more: Office 365 ProPlus
  • Origin Pro: Data analysis and graphing. Read more: Software distribution
  • Matlab: Interactive program for numerical computation and data visualization. The campus licence allows students and staff to install the program on a home computer: log in the Matlab portal with your university account and then create MathWorks account.
  • Mendeley: Reference management. Link:
  • QSR NVivo: Students and staff may install QSR NVivo into their home computers free of charge. Read more: NVivo info page
  • RefWorks: Reference management service. The RefWorks account offered by the university has been meant for all the students and the members of the staff. University’s e-mail address is needed at the login stage for the identification. Read more: RefWorks guide (
  • SAS: Data analysis. Read more: Software distribution
  • Webropol: Online survey and analysis software is available for students, researchers and staff. Ask more: tilastotuki (at) Read more:  Webropol info page
  • Windows 10 Education: Upgrade to Windows 10 Education is available for students in Kivuto's webstore
  • Zoom: Online meetings. The students, researchers and staff can use licensed Zoom to the university in the address and install a client Zoom Client for Meetings on the page: Read more: How to join Zoom meeting

Software sale

  • EndNote: Tool for reference management. Buy from: Kivuto's webstore
  • F-Secure's SAFE: Students and staff can purchase F-Secure's SAFE products at the lowered price on their own devices from F-Secure webstore. Find more information, discount code, prices and the address of Webstore: Software distribution
  • LabVIEW: LabView Student Edition for studens. Buy from: Kivuto's webstore
  • IBM SPSS Statistics: Read more: SPSS info page

Other software

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Last updated: 25.3.2021