15.10.2018 News

Open position Postdoctoral Researcher or Senior Research Fellow or Lecturer

Postdoctoral Researcher or Senior Research Fellow or Lecturer: MAX IV and FIMAX coordination and synchrotron radiation based research

15.10.2018 News

Next International Conference on Electronic Spectroscopy and Sturcture in Oulu 2021

Decision out! Next International conference on Electronic Spectroscopy and Structure in Oulu 2021! Oulu among places like Honolulu, Rome, Nara, Foz do Iguaccy, Stony Brook and Shanghai.

6.6.2018 News

Golden nanoglue completes the wonder material

NANOMO Research Unit has developed a nanojunction, joining one of the most promising novel materials, molybdenum disulfide, with nickel.

26.4.2018 News

I4FUTURE Intensive course 2018: Imaging and characterisation methods in applied sciences

Time: 11.-15.6.2018Place: Linnanmaa Campus (Lecture hall L2 and laboratories), Kontinkangas Campus (laboratories)

31.5.2017 News

Towards quantum devices

Many modern technological advances and devices are based on understanding quantum mechanics.

10.5.2017 News

Nanomo research innovation of increasing solar panel efficiency quoted in a BBC news

BBC has reported about India's ambitions to increase the use of solar power as a source of energy.

19.1.2017 News

A prestigious ERC research grant: Solving the mysteries of climate

Associate professor Nønne Prisle from NANOMO group (ATMOS unit) has received a very prestigious 1.5 million Euro research grant from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s H

5.12.2016 News

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