Available research projects

In ATMOS, our main focus is on aerosol effects in Earth’s atmosphere and their relevance for climate change. However, we are constantly working together with researchers from other fields to use our knowledge and methods in new and exciting ways.

Summer internships 2020


Experimental aerosol research
Contact:  samuli.urpelainen@oulu.fi

AI & Machine Learning for atmospheric research
Contact: mira.hulkkonen@oulu.fi

Modelling cloud formation
Contact: silvia.caldern@oulu.fi

Type: Summer internship
Time and duration: 2-3 kk
Form of employment: Full-time job
Salary: 1482,29 €/kk
Application deadline: 28.02.2020


Exciting projects available for MSc students

  • Nanoplastics in urban air
  • Atmospheric footprint of an individual's internet activity
  • Exploring water surfaces with synchrotron light
  • Thermodynamics of clouds and climate
  • Modelling of atmospheric reaction chambers
  • Clouds in extraterrestrial atmospheres
  • Laboratory studies of atmospheric nanoparticles
  • Modelling air pollution 1.5 km  underground
  • Computation of chemical properties using quantum-based CSM

The elaboration of thesis research topics is an ongoing process. If you got interested or have ideas of you own, please contact Head of Group Nonne Prisle (see Contact details).