Functional materials

The functional materials research in NANOMO is dedicated to designs and functionalization of novel nano-materials ranging from inorganic layered crystals and synthetic semiconductors to bionic polymers. Understanding of material properties at the atomic and molecular level is reached through cutting-edge synchrotron radiation based characterization techniques and first-principles computations.

Ongoing research projects include:

• Inorganic layered crystal materials designs, characterization, and functionalization

• Bio-inspired surface treatments for light harvesting and structural coloration

• Synthetic semiconductive photocatalyst designs

• Synchrotron radiation-based x-ray and electron spectroscopies: Applications in materials science

• Functional, structural and electronic properties of clusters

Contact information:
Assoc. Prof. Wei Cao


Blueberry - project

The latest project of the Functional materials unit is focused on the characterisation of photocatalytic materials: