Nano and molecular systems research group has research infrastructure for studying the electronic properties of low density gases and cluster beams but also the electronic states of condensed phase matter. Methods include photoelectron (PES) and Auger electron spectroscopies (AES) (along with many techniques derived from these), fluorescence spectroscopy, mass- and fragmentation analysis as well as electronic state selective coincidence studies.

In the MAX IV-Laboratory the group has a strong contribution to the infrastructures at beamline I411 and FINEST branchline thus covering the excitation photon energy range from few electronvolts to approximately 1 keV. Laboratory in Oulu gives a place for executing test measurements but also for developing and building research instruments. Latest example is the development of new cluster source for nanomaterials research.


Contact person:

Marko Huttula
Phone: +358 (0)400 566218