Nanomo research innovation of increasing solar panel efficiency quoted in a BBC news

BBC has reported about India's ambitions to increase the use of solar power as a source of energy. In the last three years India has quadrupled its capacity to 12GW (gigawatts) and is aiming to almost double it again this year. China is also on the frontline with it's solar power capacity increasing from 43 GW to 77 GW last year. 1GW can power about 725,000 homes.

Nanomo researchers prof. Marko Huttula and senior fellow researcher Wei Cao are quoted in the article about their innovation on using biomimicking surface structure on solar panels, which actually makes the panels a whole lot more efficient. The light "lost" through reflection of the panels' surfaces can be reduced from 35 % to 12 %. This means, the solar panels' energy output increases by up to 17 %.

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Last updated: 15.9.2017