Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit (NANOMO), University of Oulu:

Nonne Prisle, PhD, Docent
Associate Professor, Head of Atmospheric Research (ATMOS) group
Aerosol and atmospheric measurements and modeling
Project PI
nonne.prisle (at)

Saara Pesonen, M.Sc. student
Machine learning, AI, air quality modeling
saara.e.pesonen (at)

Jussi Malila, PhD
Aerosol theory and modeling
Jussi.Malila (at)

Jack Lin, PhD
Aerosol atmospheric measurements and modeling
Jack.Lin (at)

Sampo Vepsäläinen, M.Sc. student
Aerosol modeling

Niko Blomberg, M.Sc. student
Aerosol modeling

Matti Alatalo
Professor theoretical physics
Machine learning
Matti.Alatalo (at)

Sergei Posysaev
Doctoral student theoretical physics
Machine learning
Sergei.Posysaev (at)

Center for Wireless Communication (CWC), University of Oulu:

Florian Kühnlenz, Doctoral student
Agent based modeling, AI optimization
Florian.Kuhnlenz (at)

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT):

Pedro Juliano Nardelli, PhD, Docent
Assistant professor, School of Energy Systems
Agent based modeling, AI optimization
Pedro.Juliano.Nardelli (at)

University of Cambridge:

Eimear M. Dunne, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Geography, University of Cambridge Aerosol and climate modelling
Agent based modeling, atmospheric modeling
emd59 (at)

University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI):

Eric J. Miller, PhD
Professor, Dept. of Civil & Mineral Engineering
Director, UTTRI
Travel demand modelling team leader
miller (at)

Marianne Hatzopoulou, PhD
Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil & Mineral Engineering
Air pollution modelling team leader
marianne.hatzopoulou (at)

James Vaughan
Senior Software Architect
Lead modelling software designer
james.vaughan (at)

Bilal Yusuf
Transportation Network Modeller
Network modelling and model run analysis
bilal.yusuf (at)

The Finnish Meteorological Institute Atmospheric Research Centre of Eastern Finland (FMI Kuopio):

Harri Kokkola, PhD, Docent
Air quality modeling
Harri.Kokkola (at)

Tero Mielonen, PhD, Docent
Air quality modeling
Tero.Mielonen (at)

Ari Karppinen, PhD
Dispersion modeling
ari.karppinen (at)

University of Copenhagen:

Karen Lisa Salomon
Associate Professor Anthropology
Incentive design and consulting
kls (at)

City officials:

Pauli Sonninen, City of Kuopio
pauli.sonninen (at)


Last updated: 18.4.2018