ATMOS Theory and Computational team

Silvia Calderón
Senior Research Fellow


A long time ago in a country far away … called Venezuela, I fell in love with Chemical Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria during a lesson with Prof. Julián Gómez Suárez de Cuenca. His explanation about entropy just captivated me.  Because of this, I became chemical engineer, later teacher and researcher in this field.
 In ATMOS, after moving from Mérida to Oulu, I am part of a team effort to build a framework that describes phenomena on the air-cloud droplet interface. Hopefully, our research will help to understand the role of surfactant-enriched atmospheric aerosols on cloud formation and will give unambiguous evidence of the impact of aerosol-cloud-interactions on climate change.
Jussi Malila
Post-Doctoral Researcher


My research has mainly focused on metastable liquids – new particles forming from supersaturated vapours or amorphous, glass-like particles – in the atmosphere, and more recently on the interplay between metastability, adsorption from the gas phase and structural dynamics of particles. These fall under the spectrum of atmospheric aerosol studies, and they approach statistical physics and thermodynamics from the theoretical point of view, while being highly relevant for our efforts to understand and model the future of our climate. These two topics, thermophysics and climate sciences, are by no accident also those that I enjoy teaching the most.
In ATMOS, my responsibilities are in the development of various process-level models for atmospheric aerosol particles and droplets. These models are used to both guide and interpret our experimental work, and they also serve as a bridge between experimental studies focusing on single particles and larger scale models focusing on the climate impact of aerosols.
Noora Hyttinen
Post-Doctoral Researcher


COSMO captain from HEL(sinki). My main research focus is calculating chemical properties of atmospherically relevant organic molecules using computational methods, such as COSMO-RS theory and density functional theory.
Sampo Vepsäläinen
PhD Student


I come from a small town called Ilomantsi in Eastern Finland originally and I moved to Oulu in 2013 to study physics at the University of Oulu. I joined ATMOS as a summer worker in 2016, 2017 and 2018. My work has been on the theory side of things, modeling aerosol thermodynamics and experiments with Matlab in 2016.  In 2017, I made my small contribution to the eternal hunt of data on the thermodynamic properties of compounds meaning finding said data and parameterizing it.  Summer of 2018 was spent learning a model called SALSA, a model used to describe the formation and growth of an aerosol population, and making modifications to include bulk-surface partitioning in it.  I have recently finished my master’s studies with my thesis even managing to include things from all three summers to some degree with the focus being on summer 2018.  With that prelude part of my life now over, the journey with ATMOS continues and it’s time for a PhD.
Veera Juntunen
MSc Student


MSc student in ATMOS theoretical team. Interested in decreasing carbon footprint by increasing my own handprint. Thus, I find physics as a good way to work on climate change. I am excited about molecular and material physics; on a good days it can be really charming. Here in ATMOS I focus on micelles, these tiny little buggers inside cloud droplets, on how they form and behave in certain conditions
Onni Veteläinen
MSc Student








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