FIMAX is a consortium of Finnish Universities and research organizations with a valid collaboration agreement with MAX IV Laboratory. Within the framework of this contract, FIMAX contributes to MAX IV Laboratory by providing expertise, support, equipment, personnel and operation funds. In return MAX IV Laboratory gives FIMAX the possibility of placing their staff and equipment at the facility, as well as Guaranted Access Time (GAT). GAT is based on the financial contribution equivalent (staff, equipment, funding) in the contract and is calculated annually. All members of FIMAX are eligible (and encouraged) to have their beamtime proposals considered for GAT. The basis for GAT allocation is set by FIMAX Steering Group and the scientific quality of the proposals are evaluated in the MAX IV Laboratory PACs. The deadlines and decision dates are the same as for the PAC review of MAX IV Laboratory.

Through professor Marko Huttula, FIMAX is also a participant in the LEAPS (The League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources) General Assembly.