Oulanka research station

Oulanka Research Station is part of the Infrastructure-unit and is situated in Kuusamo as a regional unit of the University of Oulu. Having been established in 1966 to promote research and teaching in biological and geosciences, the station also functions as a multidisciplinary unit with a responsibility to coordinate the university's activities in the northeastern Finland. It´s modern research and educational facilities provide an inspiring environment not only for researchers and teachers, but also for organisers of courses, seminars and conferences.  

A new monitoring research focusing on climate and environmental change is going on. The research is funded by Suomen Akatemia and Oulu university. Research towers and several sensors are measuring temperature, humidity, precipitation, air pressure, wind speed, the difference between incoming and outgoing solar radiation, snowdepth, quantity of carbon dioxide, soil temperature and humidity. Experinmental research is done in the research areas to find out the influence of climate change on vegetation. Research also includes the research on the influence of reindeer grazing to environmental change and the climate change influence to reindeer farming.

Click the picture to watch a introduction video from the climate change research. 

Research stations environmental long-term monitoring data helped to join the eLTER-infrastructure. Universitys news here.

Oulanka research station at finnish morning tv show: Yle areena

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