Recent research projects include

Assisted Migration in Climate Change Adaptation: Opportunities and Constraints (CO-ADAPT) research project (contact persons: Susanna Lehvävirta, Helsinki University, email: susanna.lehvavirta(at)

Plant population dynamics (contact persons: prof. Juha Tuomi, Oulu University; e-mail: juha.tuomi(at) , FT Anne Jäkäläniemi, Metsähallitus; Elizabeth Crone, Harvard University, USA)

Habitat and climatic contributions to biodiversity of managed forest landscapes (contact persons: prof. Markku Orell, Oulu University: e-mail markku.orell(at) , FT Seppo Rytkönen, Oulu University)

Streams in the landscape. Effects of land use on biodiversity and ecosystem processes in boreal streams (contact person: prof. Timo Muotka, Oulu University; e-mail: timo.muotka(at) )

Composition and species richness of plant communities in relation to major environmental factors and heterogeneity in rich fen wetlands of Oulanka, north-eastern Finland (contact person Jarmo Laitinen, Oulu University, email: jarmo.laitinen(at)

Community structure and interactions in northern stream ecosystems (contact person: prof. Timo Muotka, Oulu University; e-mail: timo.t.muotka(at)

Ecosystem dynamics of old growth forest in response to wildfire disturbance (contact person: Dr. Peter Hobson, Ottley/Writtle College, UK; e-mail: Peter.Hobson(at)

Ecosystems of Oulanka-Paanajärvi region (contact person: doc. Kalevi Kuusela, Oulanka Research Station; e-mail: kalevi.kuusela(at)

Forest regeneration in high areas (contact person: prof. Eero Kubin, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Muhos Research Station; e-mail: eero.kubin(at)

Population and metapopulation dynamics in rare plants (contact persons: doc. Pirkko Siikamäki, Oulanka Research Station; e-mail: pirkko.siikamaki(at), prof. Juha Tuomi; email: juha.tuomi(at); doc. Jouni Aspi; e-mail: jouni.aspi(at)  Oulu University).

Population genetics in the capercallie (contact person: prof. Markku Orell, University of Oulu; e-mail: markku.orell(at)

Potentiality of remote sensing and GIS in biodiversity assessments (contact person: prof. Miska Luoto, University of Oulu; e-mail: miska.luoto(at)

Reindeer husbandry in multipurpose forest management (contact person: doc.Timo Helle, Finnish Forest Research Institute; e-mail: timo.helle(at)

Reproductive strategies in relation to resources and mycorrhiza (contact persons: researcher Minna-Maarit Kytöviita, University of Oulu; e-mail: minna-maarit.kytoviita(at)  and doc. Pirkko Siikamäki, Oulanka Research Station; e-mail: pirkko.siikamaki(at), University of Oulu).

Sustainable tourism (contact persons: doc. Pirkko Siikamäki, University of Oulu; e-mail: pirkko.siikamaki(at)  and doc. Anne Tolvanen, Finnish Forest Research Institute; e-mail: anne.tolvanen(at)

Last updated: 20.10.2017