The research station has a research laboratory and a student laboratory.

In addition to basic laboratory equipment, there are facilities for DNA extraction, a spectrophotometer, FIA-analyzer, microcentrifuge and sampling equipment for terrestrial and aquatic fieldwork. For background material, researchers have access to long-term monitoring data of surveys carried out at the station.


The student laboratory has advanced optical microscope systems. Zeiss Stereo Discovery.V12 and Axio Scope.A1 microscopes have cameras and can be used with a computer and the image can be projected onto a screen. Computer control makes it possible to use advanced techniques like Z-stacking.

Z-stacking uses multiple reference images with different focus points to create a single sharp image. This makes it possible to have a wider depth of field than with traditional methods.

The laboratory also has traditional stereo microscopes available.

Last updated: 21.12.2012