The composition of the committee in term 2013-2015 is presented below. The members of the committee also act as equality and diversity contact persons of their department. 
The chairman of the Equality and Diversity Committee of the Faculty Leena Kaila is also a member of the Equality and Diversity Committee of the University of Oulu.
Helena Tirri, Faculty of Science (chair)
Tuomo Glumoff, Department of Biochemistry (vice chair)
Arja Kaitala, Department of Biology
Seppo Alanko, Department of Physics
Aulis Kärki, Department of Geology
Mikko Rautiainen, Department of Chemistry
Ossi Kotavaara, Department of Geography
Leena Leinonen, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Anna-Liisa Syrjänen, Department of Information Processing Science
Heikki Hartikka, student member

Last updated: 31.5.2013