Guidance and support

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Orientation and student tutors ("pienryhmäohjaus")

Student tutors are students who volunteer to help new students. They are trained to help incoming students to familiarize themselves with everyday routines. Note that student tutors have other duties (e.g. their own studies) as well, and therefore they may not be available for you at all times. This form of tutoring is part of Orientation course and compulsory for all first year students.

Tutoring ("tuutorointi")

Students help each other in mathematical sciences (M342) ja in physics (FY1068).

Teacher tutors ("omaopettaja")

A teacher tutor is appointed for each student. A teacher tutor is the student's contact between herself/himself and the teachers and the tutor guides students in different parts of their studies. In particular, a teacher tutor follows the progress of a student's studies and helps in planning them. In short, a teacher tutor is a student's personal study advisor.

Student advisors ("opintoneuvonta")

Student advisors help you with issues related to studies, such as personal study plans (HOPS). Course matters should primarily be discussed with the lecturer.




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