Each doctoral researcher must have (one) principal supervisor, who is responsible for guiding the doctoral researcher throughout the doctoral training. The applicant takes contact with the principal supervisor when planning his/her doctoral studies and, together, they decide on the supervision arrangements before applying for admission to UniOGS.

  • The principal supervisor must be a professor or a docent or a person with equivalent competence, as evaluated by an external review process.
  • The principal supervisor can have at most 10 doctoral researchers under his/her principal supervision. If the suggested principal supervisor does not meet this requirement, he/she must provide a well-justified statement of the resources of planned supervision to UniOGS.
  • Doctoral researcher can have one or two co-supervisors, if doctor level or higher. UniOGS recommends that each doctoral researcher has at least 1 co-supervisor.
  • A degree supervisor is required if the principal supervisor or any of the docent-level co-supervisors does not work at the University of Oulu. Degree supervisor is a professor of the doctoral researcher's major subject or the same field and monitors that the doctoral researcher follows the practices of University of Oulu and UniOGS.
  • An emeritus/emerita professor, who has made an emeritus/emerita agreement, can be nominated as a principal supervisor. In that case, at least a docent-level co-supervisor and/or the degree supervisor ('tutkinnonvalvoja') from the University of Oulu will be nominated.
  • An emeritus / emerita professor, who has not made an emeritus/emerita agreement, can be nominated as a co-supervisor, but not as a principal supervisor.
  • Professor of Practice can act as a principal supervisor, if he/she is docent level or higher, and as co-supervisor if doctor level or higher
  • A close person cannot be an official principal supervisor  (Administrative Procedure Act 28 §)

Familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and doctoral researcher.

The dean of the Graduate School formally appoints the supervisors and the degree supervisor (if needed) for doctoral researcher. In special cases, the supervisor can be changed during the doctoral training process. All changes in the arrangements for the supervision must be accepted by the chairperson of the Doctoral Training Committee. Proposal to change supervisor can be made with the form for proposal of new supervisor.

Last updated: 22.2.2021