All doctoral students must have (one) principal supervisor, who is responsible for guiding the student throughout the doctoral training. The principal supervisor must be a professor or a docent or a person with equivalent competence, as evaluated by an external review process. Students can have one or two co-supervisors if needed. Co-supervisors may be post-doctoral scientists, or higher.

These same requirements (principal supervisor docent level or higher and co-supervisor doctor level or higher) also apply when a Professor of Practice is acting as a principal supervisor or a co-supervisor.

A degree supervisor is required if the principal supervisor does not work at the University of Oulu and if none of the co-supervisors are docent-level (or higher) working in Oulu. In this case, a professor of the student's major subject or the same field monitors the student’s supervision as a degree supervisor. The student takes contact with the principal supervisor when planning his/her doctoral studies and, together, they decide on the supervision arrangements before applying for admission to UniOGS. The principal supervisor must ensure the availability of the resources necessary for the student’s doctoral studies at the research site(s). The chairperson of the relevant Doctoral Training Committee formally appoints the supervisors (and the degree supervisor if needed) for each student when the doctoral study rights are granted. All changes in the arrangements for the supervision must be accepted by the chairperson of the Doctoral Training Committee.

An emeritus / emerita - professor, who has not made an emeritus/emerita –agreement, can be nominated as a co-supervisor, but not as a principal supervisor. However, if the emeritus/emerita –agreement has been made, also an emeritus / emerita - professor can be nominated as a principal supervisor of the doctoral student. In that case, also the degree supervisor ('tutkinnonvalvoja') and/or a co-supervisor (at least docent-level in this case) will be nominated who is from the University of Oulu.

Supervisor has a central role in the development of the dissertation work of the doctoral student; in consequence, he/she has a role in the evaluation of the work. Thus, a close person cannot be an official principal supervisor or a member of a follow-up group. A close person is defined as in the Finnish legislation of 434/2003 Administrative Procedure Act 28 §: (1) the spouse of the official, a child, grandchild, sibling, parent, grandparent of the official, a person otherwise especially close to the official, as well as the spouse of the same; (2) a sibling of a parent of the official and the spouse of the same, a child of a sibling of the official and a previous spouse of the official; and (3) a child, grandchild, sibling, parent and grandparent of the spouse of the official, the spouse of the same, as well as a child of a sibling of the spouse of the official. (3) A comparable half-relative shall also be considered a close person. For purposes of this section, a spouse is defined as a partner in wedlock, a domestic partner and a partner in a registered partnership.

The supervisors must reserve sufficient time for each of his/her doctoral students, ensuring that each of them receives the necessary help and support, both for the planning, and for the implementation of their studies and research, and when writing the doctoral thesis. The supervisor(s) and the student must be committed to the completion of the degree within a time equivalent to four years of full-time study (the time may be adjusted for part-time students). The principal supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the student submits and presents his/her full doctoral training plan within one year following admission to UniOGS, and that the planned schedule is implemented.

In special cases, the supervisor can be changed during the doctoral training process. The chair of the Doctoral training committee can nominate the new supervisor. Please, use this form for proposing new supervisors: Proposals for new supervisors - form.


Last updated: 7.6.2019