Supervision and support of the doctoral researcher

Do you need support for doctoral training? For doctoral research, you get help from your supervisor(s). In addition, you are supported by a follow-up group whose role is to act as an external expert and support in the doctoral research work. You can also contact the coordinators of the Graduate School in all issues related to doctoral training.

About supervision and responsibilities

The aim of the University of Oulu Graduate School is to provide high-quality supervision for all doctoral researchers with the emphasis on the supervisors' expertise in the field of research and commitment to the supervision of doctoral researchers.

From the link “Supervision of doctoral training” you can find information about who can act as a supervisor and the responsibilities associated with supervision.

Are you a doctoral thesis supervisor?

Find information for doctoral thesis supervisors in page " For Supervisor".

Follow-up group

Each doctoral researcher is appointed a follow-up group composed of 2-3 people to serve as an external expert group and support for doctoral research. The doctoral researcher meets annually with the follow-up group to discuss the progress of the research, studies and career plan updated to Doctoral Training Plan.

See more information about activities and nomination of a follow-up group from the link below.

Travel grants

Are you planning a research visit or participation to a conference?

The Graduate School supports doctoral research by granting travel grants to national and international conferences, courses, research visits and data collection trips.

Please see also information on university's grants for exchange and traineeship abroad.

Support for doctoral research

We have collected information and instructions to support doctoral research and studies below. Some links lead to the Patio intranet, which you can access with your university account.