Travel grants

NB! Due to current travel restrictions, doctoral researchers can only apply grants for participating virtual conferences or courses.

Call for participating virtual conferences and courses (updated 30.9.2020)

You can apply funding for virtual course or conference when you participate to the event remotely. Maximum amount of the grant is 500€ and it can be used for registration fee. The grant is claimed after the course/conference based on the actual costs.

Course or conference has to be suitable for applicants' doctoral studies (advanced level with relevant content). Applicant is required to search for suitable course or conference by him/herself. Note that there are also many free online courses and conferences organized. By participating on these it is possible to gain ECTS credits based on supervisor's evaluation.

The deadline for applying is 15.11.2020. Conference/course should take place during autumn 2020 or spring term 2021 (January-May). Note, that you must apply grant before the course/conference is organized.  Apply funding for online course or virtual course using this application form (form is available from 1st of October 2020 onwards).

Submit the statement from supervisor (which is obligatory attachment) to uniogs (at) Supervisor commitment must include:

  1. Justification of the importance of the course/conference 
  2. Justification of the suitability of the course/conference to applicant’s doctoral studies (is the course a doctoral level course)
  3. Supervisor's estimate of the number of credits (ECTS) that can be granted from the course/conference.

Incomplete applications, or applications arriving after the deadline, will not be considered.  Travel grant recipients will be announced on UniOGS website after the decision.

Annual application deadlines for travel grants

Note! Travel grants are currently not awarded due to Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 15.11. for travels taking place in next spring term (January-May)
  • 15.5. for travels taking place in next fall term (August-December)
  • Funding for trips which take place during summer (June-July) can be applied in both calls

Last updated: 7.10.2020