Travel grants

Doctoral researchers of the University of Oulu Graduate School are invited to apply for travel grants for national and international conferences, courses, workshops and research visits as well as trips for data collection. Travel grants may be used to cover travel and accommodation costs and/or conference, course and workshop registration fees. When awarded a grant to attend a conference, the recipient of the grant must have a poster presentation and/or an oral presentation during the meeting.

When applying a travel grant, please note the following guidelines and principles:

  1. Research visit corresponds to a period of at least one week during which the applicant will carry out research work related to the doctoral training in a research organisation elsewhere in Finland, or abroad.
  2. If your doctoral training plan has not been accepted in recommended time (during ca. the first year of doctoral studies), the likelihood of receiving the grant will be reduced.
  3. You may apply for a travel grant before you (or your presentation) are accepted for a course or a conference: the grant will be cancelled if your participation at the conference or course is not accepted.
  4. The grant must be used for the purpose for which it is awarded. Changes to the use of the grant are not allowed after it has been awarded.
  5. Previous travel grants awarded by UniOGS will also be taken into account during the decision process.

The amount of the grant for courses and conferences is determined by the destination of the trip; up to 500 € may be awarded for trips in Finland, 1000 € for trips in Europe and 1500 € trips outside Europe. The amount awarded for research visits will be decided separately, on a case-by-case basis, maximum 4000 €. No doctoral researcher will be awarded more than one grant in a given year. Grants are never awarded retro-actively: they must be applied for before the trip.

The application deadlines for travel grants are 1 February, 15 April, 15 September. Please note that travel grants should always be applied before the trip, thus grants for the trips in the beginning of the year should be applied latest in the call ending on 15.9.

Travel grant recipients who are employees of University of Oulu, will claim the funds via travel management system for university staff after the trip. Others can claim the grant immediately after decision. All the travel grant recipients are insured by the University. Please ask for a travel insurance card from your research unit or from office HR446, Linnanmaa campus.



Process to apply for a travel grant

Travel grants are applied using the Travel Grant Application Form. The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. The report from the last meeting with your doctoral training (thesis) Follow-up Group. If you do not yet have a Follow-up Group, you should provide a letter from your Principal Supervisor evaluating the progress of your doctoral training.
  2. A letter of recommendation from your Principal Supervisor, indicating the importance of this trip for your doctoral studies and/or career development.

Incomplete applications, or applications arriving after the deadline, will not be considered. 

For further information, please contact the coordinators of the Graduate Schools.

Technical issues

The latest version of Adobe Reader (free software), version 8.1 or higher, is required to fill in and save the completed, or partially completed form (this is not possible with earlier versions of Adobe/Acrobat Reader).

The latest version of Adobe Reader for Microsoft Windows can be downloaded from

The latest version of Adobe Reader for Macintosh (Apple) can be downloaded from here.


Last updated: 28.6.2019