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Learning, Education and Technology

Learning, Education, and Technology, Master of Art (2 years)

  • Programme is built on internationally recognized research in learning sciences and education technologies
  • We provide strong theoretical knowledge combined with practical hands-on experience in real-world situations and contexts
  • Become an expert in collaborative, self-regulated and technology-enhanced learning
  • Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020: # 76–100 Education

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Learning, Education and Technology (LET) is a full-time two-year international Master’s degree Programme. The programme is built on over 20 years of internationally recognized research in learning and education technologies, and its core is grounded in three theoretical viewpoints: collaborative learning, self-regulated learning and technology-enhanced learning. Students in the programme will become experts in understanding how people learn, how to design productive learning situations and environments, and how to cope with change and challenges in education, such as the global COVID-19 pandemic and its effects to teaching and learning.

The LET programme is continuously developed and refined with advancing research. Students take an active part in research and produce materials not only for the LET programme in Oulu, but also in collaboration with other universities. Our students are seen as a valuable asset in research and their expertise and agency is constantly taken into account in our programme.

Students are able to get hands-on experience with emergent technologies in the programme and evaluate how and which technologies are relevant to enhance high-quality learning and teaching. They become skilled in selecting the technological tools that best fit their learning design. Thus, theoretical knowledge is combined with working-life experiences and therefore the programme has strong ties to the working community. Students are presented with situations that arise from actual, real-world problems that need solving. The study cases come from the field of teaching, learning and education and also from the context of business and companies at large.


The LET students enter a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural study environment, as the programme has had students and graduates from all over the world. The programme is an excellent opportunity to build international networks and refine communication, interaction and collaboration skills.

"In a fast-changing world driven by globalization and digitalization, being able to learn new things and regulate your own learning, in the long run, is probably one the most important skills for us humans to stay relevant."

During the LET studies, students become competent learners and will be able to adapt to many fields and work contexts after graduating. After completing the programme, students are awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree. Graduates from the programme are competent to work in wide areas dealing with learning processes and implementation of technology. They can continue in research or they can take on very diverse career paths, working as experts in education, designing teaching and learning and so on, all depending on their own interests.

Examples of career paths:

  • educator
  • researcher
  • educational consultant
  • human resources developer
  • project leader
  • coordinator
  • administrator in both the private and public sectors
  • specialist in learning design
  • online learning expert
  • designer of technology-enhanced learning