Become a mentee?

Do you have an idea of your future career but don't know how to get there? Is it difficult for you to express your own skills and goals?  

The Mentoring Programme can provide you with new ideas and better self-knowledge if you need support in achieving your dream career, you find it hard to share your career-related concerns with others, and don't know how to progress in the job application process.

During mentoring you will get a better idea of who you are, what are your strengths and capabilities are, and how to communicate these to your future employer. Your discussions with your mentor will develop your self-confidence and you can look forward to the future with more confidence.

Mentoring can be either face-to-face meetings or online meetings. The mentoring pairs will plan the meetings depending on current guidelines and recommendations, place of residence and mutual wishes. 

Withe the help of mentoring you can

  • have a better understanding of your skills and areas to develop and how to express them
  • boost your self-confidence and belief in your capabilities
  • have a better vision how to achieve your dream job and the career path that interests you
  • get motivation to complete your studies
  • get advice and confidence for your career choice
  • decrease fear for transition to work life
  • develop your communication and networking skills.

Your mentor doesn’t tell you what kind of choices you should make to achieve your desired job or career or answer all questions about your future. With the help of your mentor, you can make a plan and set targets how to achieve your dream career. Your mentor is not there to offer you a job, internship or thesis position. The mentor can be never 100 % match what you had requested for and this is a good thing. Keep an open mind for a mentor who has a different background than you – a person from another field may introduce completely new perspectives to your career planning.

What does it take to participate the programme?

Mentoring requires commitment and motivation. The mentoring process proceeds with goal-oriented discussion that you plan. As a mentee (student) you are the more active participant and set targets, propose meetings, reschedule in the event of a cancellation, and hold on to what has been agreed. Please remember that as a mentee you represent the students of University of Oulu.

Be ready to

  • invest and spend time in mentoring
  • plan meetings carefully
  • receive feedback and develop yourself
  • reflect on your career aspirations.

Who can apply as a mentee?

Master’s students of University of Oulu from all main subjects can apply for mentoring. You have to have the right to study and you have to be enrolled to the University of Oulu for the academic year 2020-2021. You can apply  if you will graduate during the mentoring programme. To get the best out of the process it is required to have your bachelor’s degree completed before you apply. You should have an idea and a plan what you want to do after studies because your mentor is not there to give you answers.  He / she is there to support you on your path towards working life. 

You can participate in the Mentoring Programme once during your Master's studies. As a doctoral student you can apply at any time of your studies and even though you participated already during your master’s programme. You should have an idea of your expectations concerning your career after your post graduate studies. If you are a doctoral student and want to become a mentee, please contact University of Oulu Graduate School: uniogs(at) as they have a separate application process. 

Applicants who have proceeded furthest with their studies or have only little work experience especially in their own field come first.


The application period for the mentoring programme 2020-2021 has ended. Yearly the application period runs from September to October. The schedule for the mentoring programme 2021-2022 will be published in autumn 2021. 

There will be discussion sessions when the application period has ended, and it is mandatory for all applicants to participate in order to continue in the process. The discussion session will give you a better idea of the requirements and content of the programme. It is also a good opportunity to ask more about mentoring. In the session your will discuss with others about your motivation and reasons to apply to the programme. Read more about the discussion sessions (section 2) and schedule. 

Please fill the application carefully so we can find the most suitable mentor for you and you can continue in the process. In the application there are questions about your studies, motivation and goals and wishes for mentoring and mentor. You should also fill in some topics that you are planning to go through with your mentor. Incompleted applications won't be taken into account during the process (like when applying for a job).  The more carefully you fill out the application form, the better you will ensure that you can move on with the process and increase your chances to get the right mentor for you. A carefully completed application is required for participating in the mentoring programme.

Have you already found a mentor?

If you already have an interesting mentor candidate in mind, feel free to contact him or her, for example via LinkedIn or by email, and tell them who you are and why you are contacting them.

  • Tell them that you are applying for the University of Oulu's mentoring programme and would like to request the contact to be your mentor because ...
    • What kind of skills does the mentor have that would support you to reach your goals? What could you offer to the mentor?
    • How many sessions would you like to have during the coming six months?
    • Refer in your message to the university mentoring info pages and get support to present your case from here.
    • Explain the mentor candidate what kind of commitment participating in the programme would require (help from the mentor page). You can also advice the mentor to contact the programme coordinators for further information. 
  • Ask the mentor politely and with good application / arguments as your mentor. Remember that also you represent the University of Oulu and its students when approaching stakeholders.
  • Fill out the application, even if you have found and confirmed a mentor for yourself before the program begins. Use the form to indicate your mentor's contact details and that you are participating as a pair. Your mentor does not need to fill out an application.
  • If the person you have approached is unable to become your mentor, you can still apply to the programme and we will try to find you a mentor as close to your wishes as possible.

Selections after the application period and discussion sessions

All applicants will be informed of the results at the latest in November.  Unfortunately, every year there are students who are left out of the programme. The most common reasons for this is that we couldn’t find a suitable mentor for everyone, or the application was incomplete and it wasn't clear what the student's motivation to apply for the programme is. 

Check out  the schedule for 2020-2021 for more information. 


The approved mentees will be trained before the one-to-one meetings start. It is essential that you take part in the orientation so you get an idea of your responsibilities in the process, and have a flying start to your mentoring process. The orientation will be held online about a week prior to the kick-off-meeting where you will meet your mentor for the first time.

More information

Master’s degree students:

Riitta Arffman
Alumni Coordinator

Outi Tolonen
Career Specialist

Emails follow the format: firstname.lastname(at)



Last updated: 2.11.2020