Become a mentee?

Why should you apply for Mentoring Programme?

Mentoring Programme can provide you with new ideas and a better self-knowledge if your future career path after studies is unclear, you find it hard to share your career related concerns with others, and don't know how to proceed in the job application process.

Your mentor won’t be there to solve all your problems or provide you with all the answers regarding your future but during mentoring you will get a better idea of who you are, what are your strengths and possibilities. Your ability to communicate your know-how to a potential employer will improve. You should note that the mentoring programme does not offer you a job, internship or thesis project and you shouldn’t enquire these of your mentor.

Mentoring is all about understanding better your own goals and possibilities. This can be achieved through well prepared and target oriented mentor-mentee discussions. In other words, mentoring is more than just relaxed meetings. It requires your contribution and motivation, as you have to set targets for every meeting and be the active party in your mentor-mentee relationship. Your task as a mentee is to plan the meeting schedule, prepare the meetings, arrange a new meeting in case of cancellation, and hold on to things that you both agreed on.

During this process your own thoughts become clearer, your self-confidence develops, and you can look forward to the future with confidence. You will gain a better understanding of your skills and know-how and you will learn how to explain these to someone else. Your mentor can't give you any ready-made answers concerning your studies, life path or things that you must do in order to get a certain job. The discussions will guide you to the answers you are seeking, so that you can proceed towards your own goals.

Who can become a mentee?

  • Apply for mentoring starting from 16th September 2019. Check out and schedule for the academic year 2019-2020 here.

Master’s degree students from all main subjects can apply for mentoring. The applicant must have a completed bachelor’s degree. You can participate in the Mentoring Programme only once during your studies. Applicants who have proceeded furthest with their studies or / and have only a little work experience especially in their own field come first. Depending on the number of applicants for the Mentoring Programme, it’s possible that everyone cannot participate.

Doctoral students can apply for the programme at any point of their studies. You should have an idea of your expectations concerning your career after your post graduate studies. Please note, that your mentor does not serve as an advisor for your doctoral thesis. As a doctoral student you can apply for the Mentoring Programme even if you had been part of the programme already during your master’s degree studies.

Period of application

The application period for the master’s degree stage mentoring is in the beginning of academic year, in September or October. The schedule of the period of application and link to the application will be updated on this website and Tuudo. Doctoral students have the same application period. Graduate school will inform the doctoral students about the schedule.

As soon as the period of application begins there will be an Info session, in which all applicants are advised to participate so that the idea of the Mentoring Programme and the amount of time and effort required will be clear.

Interviews after the period of application

After the period of application is closed all applicants (master’s degree and doctoral students) will be interviewed. Please add the interview dates in your calendar already during the period of application. You can check the dates from the mentoring schedule and you will receive the dates also as an autoreply after filling the application. There will be several interview dates, because only after the period of application we will find out the amount of the applicants and time needed.  

You will be informed about your interview via EMail. Master’s degree students will receive an invitation to a group interview and doctoral students for individual interview. We hope that you will prioritize the interview in your own schedule. The application process ends in case you skip the interview.

The results will be informed to all applicants. Unfortunately, every year there are students who are left outside the programme. The most common reason is that a matching mentor couldn’t be found. Depending on the number of applicants the number may have to be limited, even though we do our best to find a matching mentor for everyone.


The approved mentees will be trained before the one-to-one meetings start. It is essential that you take part in the orientation so that you will get the idea of your contribution in the process and the mentoring will have a flying start. The orientation will be held prior to the first Kick Off-meeting where you will meet your mentor for the first time. This way you can prepare yourself for the first meeting.

Last updated: 5.7.2019