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Electronic signing service - UniOulu Sign

An electronic document signing service - UniOulu Sign -  is now available at the the university.
UniOulu Sign is suitable for electronic signing of almost all internal documents within the University, such as decisions. The electronic signature implemented with UniOulu Sign is also accepted by many external stakeholders.


Documents uploaded to UniOulu Sign can be signed by all staff members and students of the University, as well as any other person who has been sent a signature request from UniOulu Sign. No separate permissions are required for signing documents in UniOulu Sign. 

The request to sign a document arrives by email which contains a link to the UniOulu Sign.  You log in to the service by utilizing either O365 account (University staff and students) or with an invitation ID and PIN-code (SMS message).  UniOuluSign instructions to sign.

Making a signing request

In order to make signature requests, that is, to upload a document to be signed to UniOulu Sign, separate permissions  can be granted to the staff members of the University of Oulu. See how to make a license request from Patio -intranet. 

How do you verify the eligibility of a signature made in UniOulu Sign?

The electronic signature is valid only for the original electronic document. The printed version of the electronically signed document on paper is only a copy, and the electronic signature is not valid for this hard copy. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to verify the eligibility (integrity and originality) of an electronic signature.

The electronic signature is checked from the pdf document as follows:

Open the pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
On the top right side of the signed document is the Signature Panel (or Allekirjoituspaneeli) — button and on the left side text that tells you about the electronic certificate (e.g. Certified by University of Oulu < oulun.yliopisto @>, University of Oulu, certificate issued by DigiCert Document Signing CA.)

By clicking on the Signature Panel, document information appears in the window (see below). These can be checked for example when the document is signed. Click Signature Details (Allekirjoitustiedot) for more detailed information about the certificate.

Certified by University of Oulu <oulun.yliopisto @>
No Changes are allowed
Valid certified document
Source of Trust obtained from Adobe approved Trust List (AATL)
Document has not been modified since it was certified
Signer's identity is valid
Signinng time is from the clock on the signer's computer
Signature is not LTV enabled and will expire after 2022/03/15 15:00:00 +03´00´
Signature details
Last Checked: time timezone
Field: Signature1 (invisible signature)


If the Adobe Acrobar Reader program reports that electronic signatures are not valid, e.g., 'Signature has problems', it may be a matter of program settings such as that UniOulu Sign's certificate has not been updated to the list of trusted certificates.

Last updated: 6.11.2020