Research is under continuous evaluation

The University of Oulu is continuously developing the prerequisites of high-quality scientific research. That includes skilful researchers, research groups with the critical mass and modern infrastructure.

In Finland the universities have a duty to organise an international research assessment every sixth year to measure the quality of research. The most recent international research assessment exercise of the University of Oulu (RAE2013) took place in the years 2012 and 2013 and the results were published in January 2014.  The process was supervised by the Research Council and Steering Committee and  organized by Strategic Research Services. 

The focus area institutes and  other research units of the University of Oulu are also regularly evaluated by international expert panels.  The research projects of the focus area institutes Biocenter Oulu, Eudaimonia, Infotech Oulu and Kvantum Institute are selected on the basis of international scientific evaluation in every fourth year. The practical processes are carried out in collaboration between the Unit of Strategy and Science Policy, and the Research Institutes.  

Evaluation of Scientific Disciplines: The Academy of Finland conducts, coordinates and commissions evaluations of research with a view to improving both its performance and the quality and impact of Finnish science and research.The results of these evaluations are put to extensive use in various development projects. Research evaluations and assessments tie in closely with foresighting.

The Academy is charged with the task of periodically reviewing the state and quality of scientific research in Finland. The purpose is to give a comprehensive overview of the Finnish research system and to prepare recommendations for future development.

Evaluations of Individual Scientific Disciplines and Fields of Research including the University of Oulu: Individual disciplines and fields of research are assessed separately if and as necessary. The outcomes of these assessments have a major impact on the appreciation and development of the field concerned.

Audits are the evaluations of higher education institutions' quality systems, i.e. the processes and procedures that the institution uses to maintain, develop and enhance the quality of its education and other activities. The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) is an independent expert body assisting higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education and Culture in matters relating to evaluations.


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