Florence Oloff

Florence Oloff


Multimodal Interaction and Discourse


I am an Assistant Professor in Multimodal Interaction and Discourse (part of the profiling area “Ubiquitous wireless sensor systems” of the University of Oulu). Drawing on multimodal conversation analysis and interactional linguistics, I am interested in the study of language and social interaction in mundane as well as professional settings in various languages. Among other things, I have been working on embodied practices related to turn-taking, simultaneous talk and joint utterance formulation, multilingual practices in professional settings, and object use and space in social interaction. I am currently developing a research project on the use of mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) in face-to-face interaction.

Research interests

  • conversation analysis
  • interactional linguistics
  • video data
  • turn-taking
  • response tokens
  • cross-linguistic comparison
  • technology use in face-to-face interaction

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Professional and community activities

  • Member of the advisory board of the German Association for Applied Linguistics (GAL e.V.), section leader (with O. Ehmer, Freiburg) "Language and Social Interaction", https://gal-ev.de/sektionen/gespraechsforschung/
  • Member of the DFG network "Interactional Linguistics", https://interactional-linguistics.org

Research groups

  • COACT (Complexity of (inter)action and multimodal participation)