Georgi Georgiev

Design Research and Digital Fabrication

Georgi V. Georgiev

Georgi V. Georgiev

PhD (Knowledge Science)

Associate Professor
Design Research


My academic work is focused both on the early stage of design process, when new and innovative ideas are generated, and user's perspective on the design outcome, which is essential for understanding challenges for success of digital technologies. I earned my Ph.D. in Knowledge Science from JAIST, Japan in 2009. I am actively involved in the foundation and development of the Special Interest Group Design Creativity at the Design Society, series of International Conferences on Design Creativity, as well as in the editorial team of International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation since the inception of the journal.

Research interests

  • digital fabrication
  • design creativity
  • design computing
  • design cognition
  • user experience
  • design thinking
  • idea generation


Social media

Scientific merits

Professional and community activities

  • Chair, The 6th International Conference on Design Creativity (ICDC2020), University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland,
  • Managing Editor and founding member of the editorial team of the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, Taylor & Francis,
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Engineering Design, Taylor & Francis,
  • Co-chair of the International Programme Committee, International Conferences on Design Creativity (3rd ICDC, 4th ICDC, ICDC 2018)
  • Secretariat of the International Programme Committee, International Conferences on Design Creativity (ICDC 2010, ICDC 2012)
  • Founding member of SIG Design Creativity, The Design Society,
  • Member of Technical Programme Committees of ICED conference series, DESIGN conference series, TMCE conference series, IASDR conference series, ICoRD conference series, DRS conference series, and others
  • Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing for the journal Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Reviewer for journals Journal of Engineering Design, Neurocomputing, and others

Research groups

  • Design Research group leader, Center for Ubiquitous Computing

Selected publications

  • Georgiev, Georgi V.; Georgiev, Danko D. (2018) Enhancing user creativity: Semantic measures for idea generation. - Knowledge-based systems 151, 1-15 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Barhoush, Yazan; Mustonen, Miikka; Nguyen, Daniel; Georgiev, Georgi V.; Ferreira, Denzil; Pouke, Matti (2018) The Gravity of Thought: Exploring Positively Surprising Interactions. (Artikkeli tieteellisessä konferenssijulkaisussa). - MobileHCI '18 Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct. Ei sarjaa/No series. Barcelona, Spain. 333-338. [Original]
  • Georgiev, Georgi V.; Sumitani, Naofumi; Taura, Toshiharu (2017) Methodology for creating new scenes through the use of thematic relations for innovative designs. - International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation 5 (1-2), 78-94 . [Original]
  • Georgiev, G.V.; Yamada, K.; Taura, T. (2017) Dynamics of shifting viewpoints: An investigation into users' attitudes towards products. - Journal of Design Research 15 (1), 62-84 . [Original]
  • Sánchez Milara, Iván; Georgiev, Georgi V.; Riekki, Jukka; Ylioja, Jani; Pyykkönen, Mikko (2017) Human and Technological Dimensions of Making in FabLab. - The design journal (Aldtershot) 20 (suppl. 1), s1080-1092 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Georgiev, G.; Sánchez Milara, I.; Ferreira, D. (2017) A framework for capturing creativity in digital fabrication. - The design journal (Aldtershot) 20 (Sup1), S3659-S3668 . [Original] [Self-archived]
  • Georgiev, Georgi V.; Nagai, Yukari; Taura, Toshiharu (2016) Modelling tactual experience with product materials. - International journal of computer aided engineering and technology 8 (1/2), 144-163 . [Original]

Research visits

  • Visiting Fellow
    16.11.2017 to 17.12.2017

    Research focused visit at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nomi, Japan, Human Life Design Area and JAISTfab.

  • Visiting Professor
    5.10.2017 to 8.11.2017

    Research focused visit at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, TrollLabs.