Iira Rautiainen


Doctoral Researcher
English Philology


I am a doctoral student in the research project iTask: Linguistic and embodied features of interactional multitasking, funded by the Eudaimonia Institute. My research focuses on interaction in multinational crisis management training and the way strategic crisis management discourses are manifested in interaction. I use nexus analysis to study how people from different institutions and organisations interact in crisis management training. My research materials consist of audio-video recordings, ethnographic field notes and documents from multinational crisis management exercises.

Research interests

  • Social interaction
  • Interaction and multitasking
  • Interactional linguistics
  • Discourse analysis

Social media

Research groups

  • Doctoral Student, iTask: Linguistic and embodied features of interactional multitasking
  • Member, COACT (Complexity of (inter)action and multimodal participation)
  • Member, EveLINE