Jari Joutsenvaara working underground at Callio Lab, Finland. Photo by W.H.Trzaska.

Underground research is one form of re-.purposing of mines.

Jari Joutsenvaara

Jari Joutsenvaara


Project Researcher
Underground Physics, Science, H&S, Regional Development


Jari Joutsenvaara is working on the Baltic Sea Underground Innovation Network as a project content manager. The project aims to make the underground laboratories in the Baltic Sea region more accessible for innovation, business development and science by improving the information about the underground laboratories, the operation, user experiences and safety Stakeholders of the project involve underground laboratories, universities and research institutes, businesses and regional societies. His research focuses on the underground working environment and health and safety issues, especially related to natural background radiation.

He is an experienced Project Researcher and Laboratory Engineer with a decade-long history of working at various research projects. He is skilled in R&D, Health and Safety, Underground Physics, and Regional Development. He is now widening his skill spectrum into mine re-purposing and social licensing.

He comments on the research, research politics and international cooperation in Twitter.

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