Regional Excellence (REx)

The research team contributes to evidence-based knowledge of regional growth factors, processes and structures. The research advances vitality and resilience of regions, availability of know-how and skilled labour and social, economic, and ecological sustainability.
Ilmakuva Nivalasta

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The research promotes vitality and resilience of regions, advances regional systems supporting entrepreneurship and supports social, economic, and ecological sustainability. Research supports also the arctic development policies, the European cohesion policy, and the role of universities and research infrastructures in regional innovation systems. The research team builds and shares new knowledge and participates in regional piloting and innovation experiments.

Interdisciplinary research focus areas:

  • Regional knowledge and infrastructure management by geoinformation
  • Regional growth factors, mechanisms and processes
  • Smart specialisation and resilience
  • Social, economic and environmental sustainability
  • Research-based piloting and

The regional excellence research infrastructures are microentreprise statistics MY Tilastot (in Finnish) and underground science infrastructure Callio Lab (part of FIN-EPOS FIRI).