Katariina Holma

Katariina Holma

Ph.D. (University of Helsinki)

Theory and Philosophy of Education

Research interests

  • citizenship in plural societies
  • critical thinking
  • Israel Scheffler's philosophy
  • methodology of educational research

Selected Publications

  • Huhtala, Hanna-Maija & Holma, Katariina (2019) "Education of Moral Beings: the Distortion of Habermas' Empirical Sources" Ethics and Education, online first.
  • Holma, Katariina; Kontinen, Tiina & Blanken-Webb, Jane (2018) "Growth into Citizenship: Framework for Conceptualizing Learning in NGO Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa" Adult Education Quarterly, 215-234.
  • Holma, Katariina (2018) “Israel Scheffler’s antireductionism and today’s narrowing scope of education” in Smeyers, Paul (ed.) International Handbook of Philosophy of Education. Dordrecht: Springer, 410-416.
  • Holma, Katariina & Huhtala Hanna-Maija (2017)  "Non-Idealizing the Theory of Autonomy: Theodor W. Adorno's Psychological and Political Critique of Immanuel Kant" Philosophy of Education: The Yearbook 2014. Urbana, IL: Philosophy of Education Society: 373-381.
  • Holma, Katariina & Kontinen, Tiina (2016) “The Rocky Road of Growth into Contemporary Citizenship: Dewey, Gramsci, and the Method of Democracy,” Studier i Pædagogisk Filosofi, 4(2), 24-37.
  • Holma, Katariina & Hyytinen, Heidi (2015) “The Philosophy of Personal Epistemology,” Theory and Research in Education 13(3), 334-350.
  • Holma, Katariina (2015) "The Critical Spirit. Emotional and Moral Dimensions of Critical Thinking," Studier i Pædagogisk Filosofi 4(1), 17-28.
  • Hyytinen, Heidi; Holma, Katariina; Toom, Auli; Shavelson, Richard & Lindblom-Ylänne, Sari (2014). "The complex relationship between students' critical thinking and epistemologcial beliefs in the context of problem solving," Frontline Learning Research 2(5), 1-24.
  • Holma, Katariina. (2012) “Fallibilist Pluralism and Education for Shared Citizenship,” Educational Theory, 62(4): 397-409.  
  • Holma, Katariina. (2011) “The Epistemological Conditions of Moral Education: the Notions of Rationality and Objectivity Revisited,” Educational Theory 61(5): 533-548.
  • Holma, Katariina. (2009) “The Strict Analysis and the Open Discussion,” Journal of Philosophy of Education 43(3): 325-338.


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Citizenship in Change: Constructing a Novel Theoretical Framework for Education

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Theory and Practice of Learning in Civil Society

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