Katariina Holma

Katariina Holma

Ph.D. (University of Helsinki)

Theory and Philosophy of Education


Katariina Holma's work focuses on theories and philosophies of citizenship education and democracy, and the philosophy of science in educational research. Her work has been supported by the Academy of Finland, Eudaimonia Institute of the University of Oulu, the University of Helsinki Research Funds,  Kone Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and the Finnish Cultural Foundation. She is currently the leader of two research projects: Theory and Practice of Learning to be a Citizen (Academy of Finland, 2019-2022) and Citizenship in Change (Eudaimonia Institute 2018-2021).

Research interests

  • citizenship in plural societies
  • critical thinking
  • Israel Scheffler's philosophy
  • methodology of educational research

Selected Publications

  • Huhtala, Hanna-Maija & Holma, Katariina (2019) "Education of Moral Beings: the Distortion of Habermas' Empirical Sources" Ethics and Education, 14(2), 171-183.
  • Holma, Katariina; Kontinen, Tiina & Blanken-Webb, Jane (2018) "Growth into Citizenship: Framework for Conceptualizing Learning in NGO Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa" Adult Education Quarterly, 68(3), 215-234.
  • Holma, Katariina (2018) “Israel Scheffler’s antireductionism and today’s narrowing scope of education” in Smeyers, Paul (ed.) International Handbook of Philosophy of Education. Dordrecht: Springer, 410-416.
  • Holma, Katariina & Huhtala Hanna-Maija (2017)  "Non-Idealizing the Theory of Autonomy: Theodor W. Adorno's Psychological and Political Critique of Immanuel Kant" Philosophy of Education: The Yearbook 2014. Urbana, IL: Philosophy of Education Society: 373-381.
  • Holma, Katariina & Kontinen, Tiina (2016) “The Rocky Road of Growth into Contemporary Citizenship: Dewey, Gramsci, and the Method of Democracy,” Studier i Pædagogisk Filosofi, 4(2), 24-37.
  • Holma, Katariina & Hyytinen, Heidi (2015) “The Philosophy of Personal Epistemology,” Theory and Research in Education 13(3), 334-350.
  • Holma, Katariina (2015) "The Critical Spirit. Emotional and Moral Dimensions of Critical Thinking," Studier i Pædagogisk Filosofi 4(1), 17-28.
  • Hyytinen, Heidi; Holma, Katariina; Toom, Auli; Shavelson, Richard & Lindblom-Ylänne, Sari (2014). "The complex relationship between students' critical thinking and epistemologcial beliefs in the context of problem solving," Frontline Learning Research 2(5), 1-24.
  • Holma, Katariina. (2012) “Fallibilist Pluralism and Education for Shared Citizenship,” Educational Theory, 62(4): 397-409.  
  • Holma, Katariina. (2011) “The Epistemological Conditions of Moral Education: the Notions of Rationality and Objectivity Revisited,” Educational Theory 61(5): 533-548.
  • Holma, Katariina. (2009) “The Strict Analysis and the Open Discussion,” Journal of Philosophy of Education 43(3): 325-338.


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