Center for the study of society, philosophy and education

The SCOPE-center brings together research groups and collectives in educational sciences, who are carrying out philosophical and social research as well as analysis of epistemic practices in the changing society.


The SCOPE-center focuses on social perspectives, theories, and philosophies of education, as well as the philosophy of science in educational research. The center also focuses on the tools and methods that teachers, experts and authorities use to render the world knowable and governable.

Education takes place in a social, historical, environmental, political, gendered and cultural context. The changing society poses challenges to education to which the center seeks solutions. Transdisciplinary approaches in philosophy, sociology, gender studies and environmental studies are crucial for ensuring education is not only responsive to the change but also leads the change in ethically sustainable ways.



research groups and collectives


research units, to which the researchers locate


The center is academically responsible for four academic programmes with competitive application processes: Intercultural Teacher Education, Education and Globalisation, Educational Sciences, and Research based class teacher education. Student selection process is highly competitive and yearly intake is roughly 200 students.

The center takes responsibility for multiple courses in MEd and BA -level across the Faculty of Education and Psychology in the University of Oulu. In addition, the center provides two long minors in the Faculty of Education and Psychology: Gender studies and Sociology.

The center also provides in-service teacher education from early childhood to adult education, through different developmental projects and collaborations.

Several scholars at SCOPE also collaborate with UNIC, the European University of Post-Industrial Cities and are part of developing a joint Master’s program on superdiversity. Contact person: Marian Tumanyan