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Mervi Heikkinen

Adjunct Professor, PhD

University Researcher


My research is concerned with how gendered and sexualized bodies take shape within organizations throughout a lifespan and how these bodies are regulated with organizational policies; and how violence and a threat of violence shape ones' understanding about self and the development of one’s capabilities within various organizations and in everyday life; as well as possibilities of education to cultivate compassion.

Research interests

  • gender
  • equality
  • intersectionality
  • gender equality plan
  • sexism
  • epistemology
  • ethics

Recent Projects

Selected Publications

Parkkila, Helena & Heikkinen, Mervi. (2018). Vulnerable bodily integrity: under-recognised sexual violence among girls in residential care institutions. In JGBV - Journal of Gender-Based Violence. Volume 2, Number 1, February 2018, pp. 25-40(16).

Pihkala, Suvi; Huuki, Tuija; Heikkinen, Mervi & Sunnari, Vappu. (2018). Reconfigurings of Non-violence as a Matter of Sustainability and Response-ability. In NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research.

Cardona López, José Adán; Bredesen Nordfjell, Ole; Gaini, Firouz & Heikkinen, Mervi. (2017). Promising Nordic practices in gender equality promotion. Developing teacher education dialogue, practice, and policy cycles on-line. In Policy Futures in Education, Special issue: Teacher education for gender, sexuality, diversity and globalization policies.

Parkkila, Helena & Heikkinen, Mervi. (2015). Identifying Violence. Research on Residential Care Girls’ Recognition of Violence, in Construction of Social Psychology, InScience Press p. 125-134.

Cardona López, José & Heikkinen, Mervi (2015). Bridging conceptual divides related to sex, gender and sexuality in teacher education. Education in the North, 22 (Special Issue), pp.24-48.

Heikkinen, Mervi & Sunnari, Vappu. (2014). Unfulfilled bodily rights in higher education: Development of sexual harassment policies during the past two decades. Citizenship Teaching & Learning 9:1, pp.19-33.

Heikkinen, Mervi. (2012). Sexist harassment as an issue of gender equality politics and policies at university.University of Oulu. Dissertation. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis. Series E, Scientiae rerum socialium 131.

Heikkinen, Mervi; Pihkala, Suvi & Sunnari, Vappu. (2012). A European E-learning Programme on Gendered and Sexualised Violence: Developing A Feminist Pedagogy of Non-violence. In Sharon Collingwood, Alvina E. Quintana and Caroline J. Smith (Eds.)."Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogies in Transition". Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 176-201.

Heikkinen, Mervi; Pihkala, Suvi & Sunnari, Vappu. (2008). Constructing a Pedagogical approach for an E-learning Programme on Gender and Sexual Violence. In From Violence to Caring - Gendered and Sexualized Violence as the Challenge on the Life-span. Conference Proceedings. (2008) Vappu Sunnari & Suvi Pihkala & Mervi Heikkinen & Tuija Huuki & Sari Manninen (Eds.), pp. 203-216. From violence to caring. Gendered and sexualized violence as the challenge on the life-span. Conference proceedings.



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