Intersectional Gender Equality in Academia in the Arctic North

Exploring sustainable futures

Gender studies NOS-HS explorative workshops on Intersectional Gender Equality in academia explores sustainable futures in the Arctic Five Universities and in the Arctic North region as whole.

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NordForsk NOS-HS

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43 000 EUR

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University of Oulu

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A new critical analytical edge of intersectional gender equality is needed due to various current transitions known as megatrends also in the rural Arctic contexts. The workshop includes novelty through a unique setting in the northernmost North, which serves as a living lab and a testbed of exploring intersectional gender equality policies in their implementation crucial for sustainable futures in the region.

Collaboration inbetween the gender studies scholars and gender studies units within Arctic Five universities has been evolving due to similar research interests. Therefore intersectional gender equality as a thematic research, education and collaboration area was established.

The exploratory workshops facilitates mutual collaboration, situated exploration of gender regimes, facilitates new conceptualizations in the research area as well as furthers preparation of applications for Horizon Europe, Nordforsk and national research funding organizations.

Exploratory workshop series

Tromso, 16.-17. June 2022

(Hybrid) Equal futures -theme kicks off the exploration by promoting the research idea by approaching equal futures in the northernmost Universities at the Nordic countries. Evidence-based studies e.g. success stories in gender equality promotion are elaborated in detail. Particular interest is in gender balance in research leadership which is discussed in Prestige -project's closing seminar June 16.

Oulu, 30. Nov - 2. Dec 2022

(Hybrid) Gender regimes -theme explores gender equality advancement from power perspective. Evidence-based studies include gender equality planning, implementation of such policies, and their practical outcomes. Context of the exploration is in Feminist Matterings in the Arctic - the main theme in paraller the Gender Studies Conference held in Oulu.

Umeå, 27.-28. March 2023

(In-person) Gendered landscapes and intersectionality -theme is promoting the research idea by considering local diversities including Sami, Kveni and Tornedalen people in addition to migrated people in a context of epistemic landscapes of knowledge production.


University of Lapland

Kirsti Lempiäinen

Päivi Naskali

LTU Luleå University of Technology

Lena Abrahamsson

Umeå University

Britt-Inger Keisu

UiT Arctic University of Norway

Melina Duarte

Hege Andreassen

Lilli Mittner

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