Päivi Lujala

Päivi Lujala

Professor, Academy of Finland Research Fellow
Human geography


I am both a human geographer and economist by background and feel at home somewhere between the two disciplines.

My research focuses on two broad topics: i) management of valuable natural resources in the Global South and ii) Adaption to climate (change) related natural hazards.

My recent research on natural resources has focused on citizen engagement, transparency and accountability in natural resource revenue management. My aim is to find out how and to what extent disclosing information to citizens about natural resource revenue flows and spending can promote more egalitarian and effective natural resource revenue spending in poorer but resource-rich countries. Further, I would like to contribute to research that seeks to increase citizen engagement in natural resource governance.  

My current climate change related research seeks to find ways how integration of climate migrates can be improved in countries and communities that are likely to host people displaced by climate change.

For more information about my research interests and publications as well for my CV, please visit my homepage

Research interests

  • Natural resource governance in the Global South
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Environmental peacebuilding

Recent publications (2017-2018)

Lujala, Päivi 2018. An analysis of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative implementation process. World Development  107(July): 358–381. Download (Open Access); Replication Data

Kasimba, Sam and Päivi Lujala 2018. There is No One Amongst Us with Them! Transparency and Participation in Local Natural Resource Revenue Management. Extractive Industries and Society, in press. Download 

Wardhani, Indah and Päivi Lujala 2018. Beyond Transparency in Extractive Sectors: Transparency for whom? RegINA Blog. Link 

Brunnschweiler, Christa and Päivi Lujala 2017. Economic Backwardness and Social Tension. Scandinavian Journal of Economics. In press. 10.1111/sjoe.12281. Download post-print

Brunnschweiler, Christa and Päivi Lujala 2017. Income and armed civil conflict: An instrumental variables approach. Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 23(4). https://doi.org/10.1515/peps-2017-0024. Download

Rustad, Siri A., Philippe Le Billon and Päivi Lujala 2017. Has the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative been a success? Identifying and evaluating EITI goals. Resources Policy 51(1): 151-162. Download

Lujala, Päivi and Levon Epremian 2017. Transparency and natural resource revenue management: Empowering the public with information? In Corruption, Natural Resources and Development, Aled Williams and Philippe Le Billon (eds.). Cheltenham, U.K.: Edward Elgar Publishing.  

Lujala, Päivi, Siri Aas Rustad and Philippe Le Billon 2017. Has the EITI been successful? Reviewing evaluations of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. CMI U4 Policy BriefDownloadAppendix

Selected project leadership (ongoing)

Academy of Finland Research Fellow (2017-2022): TIGRe: Transparency, Identity, and Governance of High-Value Natural Resources. Funded by the Academy of Finland. Project leader. Also selected as Eudaimonia Emerging Project (2018-2022) at the University of Oulu.

The Research Council of Norway, NORGLOBAL programme (2018-2021): Creating a political and social climate for climate change adaptation. €1.0 mill. Project leader. 

See CV for other project leadership and other projects.