Pekka Rossi

Pekka M. Rossi

PhD Tech.

Post-doctoral researcher
Environmental Engineering

20 peer reviewed publications in international journals. The publications have been cited 424 times, of which the most cited publication accounts for 120 citations. The author has a h-index of 11.00. (Google Scholar)


Pekka M. Rossi has a 10 years’ experience on groundwater resources management studies. Rossi is concentrating in his studies on groundwater-surface water interactions, groundwater dependent ecosystems and integrated management and water supply questions. He has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research collaborating e.g. with sociology, ecology, and geology. Rossi has published 20 international  publications, is co-supervising 4 PhD students and 5-10 master’s thesis yearly. He has been involved in international projects and he is currently leading Interreg project RESEM.

Selected publications

  • Isokangas, Elina; Rossi, Pekka M.; Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Marttila, Hannu; Rozanski, Kazimierz; Klöve, Björn (2017) Quantifying spatial groundwater dependence in peatlands through a distributed isotope mass balance approach. - Water resources research 53 (3), 2524–2541 . [Original]
  • Rauhala, Anssi; Tuomela, Anne; Davids,Corine; Rossi,Pekka M. (2017) UAV Remote Sensing Surveillance of a Mine Tailings Impoundment in Sub-Arctic Conditions. - Remote Sensing 9 (12), 1318 . [Original]
  • Rossi, Pekka M.; Ala-aho, Pertti; Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Klöve, Björn (2012) Groundwater–surface water interaction between an esker aquifer and a drained fen. - Journal of hydrology 432-433, 52-60 .
  • Rossi, Pekka; Marttila, Hannu; Jyväsjärvi, Jussi; Ala-aho, Pertti; Isokangas, Elina; Muotka, Timo; Klöve, Björn (2015) Environmental conditions of boreal springs explained by capture zone characteristics. - Journal of hydrology 531 (Part 3), 992-1002 . [Original]
  • Karjalainen, Timo P.; Rossi, Pekka M.; Ala-aho, Pertti; Eskelinen, Riku; Reinikainen, Kalle; Klöve, Björn; Pulido-Velazquez, Manuel; Yang, Hong (2013) A decision analysis framework for stakeholder involvement and learning in groundwater management. - Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17 (12), 5141-5153 . [Original]
  • Rossi, Pekka M.; Ala-aho, Pertti; Doherty, John; Klöve, Björn (2014) Impact of peatland drainage and restoration on esker groundwater resources : modeling future scenarios for management. - Hydrogeology Journal 22 (5), 1131-1145 . [Original]
  • Jyväsjärvi, Jussi; Marttila, Hannu; Rossi, Pekka M.; Ala-Aho, Pertti; Olofson, Bo; Nisell, Jakob; Backman, Birgitta; Ilmonen, Jari; Virtanen, Risto; Paasivirta, Lauri; Britschgi, Ritva; Klöve, Björn; Muotka, Timo (2015) Climate-induced warming imposes a threat to North European spring ecosystems. - Global Change Biology 21 (2), 4561-4569 . [Original]
  • Ala-aho, Pertti; Rossi, Pekka Matias; Isokangas, Elina; Klöve, Björn (2015) Fully integrated surface-subsurface flow modelling of groundwater-lake interaction in an esker aquifer: Model verification with stable isotopes and airborne thermal imaging. - Journal of hydrology 522, 391-406
  • Kløve B., Ala-aho P., Bertrand G., Boukalova Z., Ertürk A., Goldscheider N., Ilmonen J., Karakaya N., Kupfersberger H., Kværner J., Lundberg A., Mileusnić M., Moszczynska A., Muotka T., Preda E., Rossi P., Siergieiev D., Šimek J., Wachniew P., Angheluta V., Widerlund A. (2011) Groundwater dependent ecosystems. Part I: Hydroecological status and trends. - Environmental Science & Policy 14 (7), 770 – 781
  • Rantala, Lauri; Sarkki, Simo; Karjalainen, Timo P.; Rossi, Pekka M. (2017) How to Earn the Status of Honest Broker? Scientists’ Roles Facilitating the Political Water Supply Decision-Making Process. - Society & natural resources 30 (10), 1288–1298 . [Original]
  • Isokangas, Elina; Rozanski, Kazimierz; Rossi, Pekka M.; Ronkanen, Anna-Kaisa; Kløve, Bjørn (2015) Quantifying groundwater dependence of a sub-polar lake cluster in Finland using an isotope mass balance approach. - Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19 (3), 1247-1262 . [Original]