Pentti Haddington

Researching talk and interaction: What do people do and how do they do it?

Professor Pentti Haddington

Pentti Haddington


English language and interaction


I am Professor of English and interaction, Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Multimodal interaction analysis (University of Jyväskylä), and director of the Eudaimonia Institute. My research is based on video-based methods that are used for studying everyday talk and interaction. I am currently leading three international and funded research projects. (1) Generation Z and Beyond (2018-2022) is one of the University of Oulu's profiling projects funded by the Academy of Finland. (2) PeaceTalk (2019-2023, Academy of Finland) studies talk and interaction in crisis management training (e.g., UN military observers), focusing on interactional faetures of team cohesion and situation awareness. (3) iTask (2015-2022, Academy of Finland and the Eudaimonia Institute) investigates how people talk and interact as part of their busy everyday lives, while they are multitasking. I have spent research periods at the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Helsinki (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies). I am also a principal investigator in the COACT research community.

Research interests

  • talk-in-interaction
  • multimodal interaction, gesture and embodiment
  • conversation analysis, interaction analysis, interactional linguistics, discourse-functional linguistics, gesture studies
  • video-based research methods
  • talk and interaction in multinational crisis management training
  • interaction and multitasking
  • interaction in virtual reality and distributed settings

Professional and community activities


Research groups

  • Project leader, Generation Z and beyond: Co-evolution of human capabilities and intelligent technologies in the 21st century (GenZ)
  • Project leader, PeaceTalk: Talk and interaction in multinational crisis management training
  • Project leader, iTask: Linguistic and embodied features of interactional multitasking
  • Principal Investigator, COACT (Complexity of (inter)action and multimodal participation)

Selected publications

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  • Kamunen, Antti; Haddington, Pentti (2020) From monitoring to co-monitoring: Projecting and prompting activity transitions at the workplace. - Gesprächsforschung 21, 82-122 . [Original]
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