Tiina Lankila

Tiina Lankila


Postdoctoral researcher
Health geography


My research is concentrated in the field of health geography, with a strong emphasis in utilising geographical information system (GIS) and statistical methods, in exploring 1) the health and well-being of people in different geographical contexts as well as 2) the geographical distribution of social and health services, how these services are provided in terms of accessibility and equity.

Research interests

  • Health geography
  • Geographical determinants of health and well-being
  • Geographical accessiblity and provision of social and health services
  • Geoinformatics

Research groups

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Research group of GIS

Thesis supervisions

PhD thesis supervision (secondary supervisor)
  • Mikko Kärmeniemi (2015, ongoing). Environmental Determinants of Objectively Measured Physical Activity in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966.

  • Soile Puhakka (2017, ongoing). The role of green residential environment in objectivel measured physical activity among different age groups.

  • Marjo Seppänen (2019, ongoing). Association between built and natural environment, physical activity, sedentary behavior and depression.

Master's thesis supervision
  • Marjo Seppänen (2019). Luontosuhteen sekä ympäristön vihreyden ja kaupunkimaisuuden yhteys yli 65-vuotiaiden oululaisten fyysiseen aktiivisuuteen. Master's Thesis, University of Oulu, Geography Research Unit.

  • Pasi Haapakorva (2017). Vanhempien työurien vaikutus lasten varhaisen aikuisuuden koulutus- ja työelämäpolkuihin.Master's Thesis, University of Oulu, Geography Research Unit.